Long Island Water Features

Have you been to a nice restaurant or hotel and noticed their Long Island Water Feature? A water feature can create a calming and peaceful effect to any environment. The sound of running water has also been proven to reduce stress. If you have noticed waterfalls, ponds or other water features and like them, why

Long Island Waterfalls Water Feature

Long Island Waterfalls Water Feature

not have one of your own?

Water features are generally made up using stone masonry techniques. To create a long lasting waterfall or water feature, you must utilize not only proper materials, but also proper design. New York Paving and Masonry has the experience to design a beautiful water feature for your Long Island home. Our waterfalls will give you the serenity you desire in your backyard.  Waterfalls not only look beautiful. They also can be utilized to mask street noise. If you live on or near a busy road, the gentle sound of running water can make adjacent street noises a bit more tolerable.

From small waterfalls to large water features that are incorporated into large stone masonry patios, let us help you to design the most appealing backyard features you can have! Contact us today to setup a time for a free consult!