Asphalt Crack Repair Filling

If you are noticing cracks in your asphalt, its best to address them immediately. A small Asphalt Crack Repair Filling investment now can keep from having to make a huge investment later. Asphalt cracks may seem like no big deal, howver on long Island they are a problem.

When you have a crack in your asphalt, this allows water to seep into the asphalt as opposed to running off or into proper drainage. If a lot of water begins collecting under your asphalt, it can make the soil beneath start to loosen and even move. This is what causes potholes. The soil below the asphalt has been carried away by water. Once the asphalt has no support below it begins to sink and then caves in on itself.

Also, water beneath your asphalt can freeze in the colder months. There is few forces stronger than freezing water. Ice freezing under your asphalt can break up any asphalt installation with ease. So having cracks allowing water to collect under your asphalt is the start of very many problems. The ice can break up the concrete below or widen the cracks above to start the crumbling of your asphalt.

Have your asphalt cracks sealed immediately by a reputable, owner operated company such as NY Paving and Masonry. We can inspect your lot and fill in all your cracks with hot tar to keep water from penetrating the asphalt. If your lot was properly designed, the water should be diverted to proper drainage areas instead of being allowed to soak into the asphalt.

For a free inspection on your lot which includes cracks and design problems, contact us today! We look forward to serving your Asphalt Crack Repair Filling needs.