Hot Patching Pothole Repair

When it comes to Hot Patching Pothole Repair, NY Paving and Masonry has the experience you need to make the repair the correct way. Many inexperienced contractors do half the job and end up leaving a repair that itself will end up needing repair.

NY Paving and Masonry can visit your Long Island location to give a free estimate on the best course of action to complete your asphalt repair. We will first saw cut your pothole into a nice square or rectangular shape. We then remove the crumbling sections of asphalt from that section. Once we have a clean area to work with, we will tamp down the ground beneath the hole we’ve made to be sure the ground is extrmely hard and will not sink. Many companies simply tamp down the asphalt over loose soil below. We prefer to see the job through 100%!

Once the sub-ground is hard as can be, we lay new hot asphalt in the hole we’ve clean cut. We then compact the asphalt with our commercial rollers to ensure the asphalt is as compacted as it can be. Loose asphalt is cause of failing lots and driveways. Once we are confident the asphalt is properly compacted, we then join the old and new asphalt. We pour hot tar around the seam of the old and new asphalt to in essence glue them together to ensure a smooth transition. This also makes the patch last longer as this prevents water and ice from sitting in the seam and cracking the seam.

Even projects that may seem simple need to be handled with the proper steps to ensure success. Hot Patching Pothole Repair is one of these projects that many Long Island Asphalt companies perform incorrectly. Have your Hot Patching Pothole Repair done correctly by choosing the best L.I. Asphalt repair company, NY Paving and Masonry.