Commercial Asphalt Paving

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NY Paving and Masonry knows that the condition of your commercial parking lot sends a message to anyone entering your parking lot, whether they are customers or potential customers.

When you keep your driving surfaces properly paved and crack and pothole free, that speaks volumes about your concerns about appearance and the wear and tear on tires in your parking lot. Another thing it says to people in your parking lot, is that you are thinking about their safety and that you want to protect their vehicles from damage when they go to visit your business.

The message that any unsightly damage to asphalt sends is just not attractive or professional. Now is the time to call us, the asphalt professionals at NY Paving and Masonry. There are a lot of steps involved in a proper and successful commercial asphalt paving. All new asphalt paving projects demands profound and meticulous planning, engineering, preparation of location, and application of paving components.

Fairly as important as the current condition of your asphalt, the original construction of your asphalt pavement is very important as it will decide whether you will be able to do an overlay or have to remove the entire thing and start from scratch.

To help you decide with your commercial asphalt paving project, an all-inclusive evaluation of your asphalt pavement is necessary in determining the correct scope of work and specifications. We propose high quality solutions for your commercial asphalt pavement issues.

Contact us today for a free evaluation or if you have any questions.