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Apr 24

Asphalt Repairs after a tough winter

By nypaving | Long Island Paving Masonry Blog

A rough winter just passed and it is really showing. We have been getting a lot of calls from concerned homeowners looking for asphalt repairs. Mostly because they have noticed damage to their driveways from this winter. Driveways go through a lot of changes throughout the seasons, and if they are not installed properly, they will degrade much faster. By learning what conditions harm a driveway, you can reduce or avoid costs for asphalt repairs.

Some of the threats that asphalt driveways face during the year are:

  • Expansion and Contraction – As your driveway heats up in the summer it expands, and in the winter when it gets cold, the asphalt contracts. This growing and shrinking happens year after year. A professional asphalt contractor will take this into account when designing your driveway
  • Water and Ice – Over the winter, as freezing temperatures hit, water may become stagnant on your driveway and in it’s seams. Once the temp drops, the water freezes into ice. And ice, can crack just about anything it wants! This is why a profesional asphalt company will install your driveway with the proper pitch to allow for as much drainage as possible. The water should have a place to go, instead of sitting in grooves of your driveway. You cant alleciate freezing, but you can do your best to direct water away from your home and driveway
  • Salts and De-Icing Products – Many people apply de-icing and melting products to their driveways or parking lots over the winter. And this is understandable. However, too much of these products can degrade the asaphalts elasticity, and break it down. It is importnat to properly clean your driveway, and only apply the de-icers as needed.
  • Snowblowers and plows – Using machinery to clear your driveway or parking lot makes getting rid of the snow easy. These machines can really beat up your asphalt if not used properly. Be sure to ask your operators to be careful around stone edgings, the aprons and any specially developed areas of your asphalt.

Hopefully these tips give you an idea of why you may be experiencing issues with your driveway after this tough winter. There are some home diy repairs that can be done for those willing to learn. But if you’d like a professional to give you a reasonable estimate, please contact New York Paving and Masonry