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ny paver firepit

When the summer days turn into nights, it’s nice to be able to remain in your yard and continue spending time in the outdoors. Many people have begun to enjoy using firepits a s a gathering place for family and friends. Some use various items for their firepits, such as small barbeques with no grills, holes dug in their yard, or even 55 gallon drums cut in half. While all these option can work, they can be unsightly and even dangerous.  This is why many have begun to design custom paver firepits in their yards.

Custom Paver Firepits and Fireplaces are a great addition to any outdoor space.  And they are a much more aesthetically pleasing alternative to holes in the ground or torch cut drums. Paver Firepits can be incorporated into any paver patio. They are not a large expenditure, yet you’ll get generations of use out of them. it’s great to have your family spend some time together in your yard either just relaxing and watching a fire burn, or having toasted marshmallows while keeping the bugs away.

For Long Islands best custom fireplaces or firepits, please consider calling New York Paving and Masonry. We offer free estimates and never sub-contract our work. We are owner operated, and family owned. Our owner is present on each and every job, ensuring top notch quality.

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ny paver firepit